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Metroplex Management Group Is Expanding to New Heights

DALLAS, TX - Metroplex Management Group (MMG) most recent advancement is their newest branch opening up in Abilene Texas. Developments and improvements within the company have been made and a new branch is exactly what MMG has encouraged.

MMG is an in store Sales and Marketing firm with brand advocates who can consult and sell as they bring a collaborative attitude to every customer. MMG is a fast paced, dynamic environment and the go-to company for multi-dwelling unit customers. MMG determines the wants, needs, and interests of each customer to identify the best products, services, and solutions to provide a positive, professional, and customer-focused experience.

Branch Manager Curtis Spar who works alongside CEO Bill Bishop to coordinate the day-to-day activities at MMG stated, “Our plan was to implement the best sales and marketing team possible and we have been able to accomplish that by promoting from within the company.” MMG success relies on the unlimited promotional opportunities for each individual who joins their team based organization.

Starting an individual at an entry level job and teaching them the business from the bottom up provides a great amount of growth and advancement opportunity within MMG. Teaching the sales and marketing skills that they will need to excel at in the future for each individual to eventually manage their own branch. By pushing candidates to step out of their comfort zones while practicing all of their newly acquired skills alongside more advanced team members, they achieve amazing goals in exceptionally short amounts of time. With the opportunity to be promoted into a management position within six to nine months.

The differentiation between MMG and other marketing and sales firms is their innovative way to Sell and market products directly to customers through a face-to-face interaction. Previous marketing and sales techniques used through on­line clicking just aren’t as exceptional as this direct interaction that the clients need. “The footprints of the companies that we represent are enormous and the number one thing they need is for MMG to continue to grow and expand in the market,” Spar explains.

One of the top telecommunication companies in the world, who are current clients of MMG, comment on how well their business is benefitting. “The clients value the production, the amount of business we bring in, and truly how well we respect their brand and also in representing them on a professional and first class manner,” Spar says.

MMG has successfully implemented an effective Management Program. The program can be attributed to the Company now outperforming its competitors in Dallas. MMG has market breaking production which has substantially increased the firm’s bottom line and provided unsurpassed value to their clients.

“The training program is a proven system that has been working well for us thus far. MMG adjusts to keep up with the times but it’s uniform across the board. All of our markets in our organization are using this one system and it’s exceeding everywhere,” Spar explains. MMG has huge aspirations for continuous growth throughout this year and they are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Abilene Branch set to open this month.