Charity Work

  • 21 August 2014

Project Description

This year Metroplex Management Group raised and donated over $6,000.00 in the month of December for charity. Our charity was Tumaini Junior School in Tanzania, Africa. Our C.E.O. William Bishop and his wife visited this school on one of their vacations and fell in love with the kids. Since Metroplex Management Group selects one charity organization to support per holiday season, it seemed like a great time to support the school. One of the problems with the educational system of Tanzania is that the official language is Swahili; however, all standardized tests are conducted in English. This obviously creates a huge boundary between those that can afford private tutoring and those that are educated in the state run school system. Tumaini Junior School,, is the first ever English-Only Primary School and our donations helped with computers for their new library.